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Sustainable Air

Updated: May 23, 2023

AD | I’ve been upcycling furniture for over 6 years and I’m always on the look out for the best ways to improve my sustainability within the industry.

While the paints I use are all low VOC, this doesn’t mean they’re totally VOC free, and worryingly “low” doesn’t actually mean low at all. I’m also conscious that sanding, even when used with a vacuum attachment, produces small particles of dust, and lets face it old furniture comes with a lot of dust anyway. So I was thrilled when Briiv asked me to test out one of their air filter systems. Cleaner air in my home is never going to be a bad thing, I expected the information on reduced toxins, pollution and dust but when I also heard it could help with my sleep I was really interested.


A plant in front of board reading The Wisest One Word Sentence Breathe

I know having cleaner air within my home for my family isn’t all about looking nice, but it makes a huge difference. The Briiv system is actually something I enjoy having out, it adds greenery and life into the room with near no upkeep. It takes up a minimal amount of space and its contemporary design works with our vintage modern style home and looks good as a standalone item or when styled with pieces. Looking at it you don’t instantly think “air filter system”, it has a modern terrarium vibe that really doesn’t feel like something that’s there to clean your air

How it works

One Briiv system is the equivalent to having 3043 plants in your home. While some people are blessed with a green finger, I’m not one of them! I have one plant in my home that’s survived over 12 months and it’s a spider-plant that lives in our shower window so doesn’t need me to remember to water it. So while houseplants are great (for some people) they’re not great for me, why is why Briiv is the perfect answer. Instead of me having to remember to water and care for plants so they clean my air which ultimately boosts your mood and creativity (which I kind of need) I just need to plug in my Briiv and let it do its thing.

Briiv in a bag

Briiv works by simply pulling in air through the top and pushing it through three sustainable filters including silk carbon, coconut and moss and then out through its matt black base. Each filter layer is incredibly easy to change and each plays their part to capture and filter out various things like bacteria, mould, small particles, pollens and VOCs.

And using it is so simple! I can’t lie, while I love DIY and upcycling, technology is most definitely not my forte, so when it arrived near enough ready to go, I was very relieved. All I had to do was plug it in and add the moss and it got to work straight away. It has a touch free panel at the front to let you control its output and there’s even the option to download the Briiv app and control your Briiv right from your phone.

We noticed a difference within the first day of using ours. We placed the Briiv in our kitchen near our desks and soon found we were more alert while working and cooking smells cleared more quickly.


Briiv next to a computer, notepad and glasses

Before I even unpacked my Briiv I was impressed. All their packaging is 100% recyclable and all three of their filters are all 100% biodegradable. Compare this to the 6,000 tonnes of HEPA filters ending up in landfill each year and you start to get an idea of much they are pushing the industry forwards. Even the moss used in their system is sustainably sourced. Having clean air with Briiv really doesn't come at the expense of plastics ending up in landfill.

I’m always a little nervous when asked to test items out, but I absolutely love our Briiv system and what the company stand for. You can find out more about Briiv and their systems here.

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