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Repurposed Piano Bar

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

For a long time I've been wanting to create a unique repurposed piano bar for my kitchen. I even bought the piano I wanted, that then sat in my garage for 3 years, waiting patiently for our home to be

Piano upcycled to a drinks cabinet

renovated to create the space we wanted and then waiting even longer for a global pandemic to hit to give me the time to dig it out and get working on it.

I'd seen several pianos that had been upcycled and loved the idea of taking regal instrument that was literally heading for landfill and creating a bespoke bar that is the highlight of our kitchen. Every piano I had seen always had the plate removed and generally the keys were also taken away, I didn't want to do this, for me the beauty of a piano bar was keeping as much of it as possible, exposing beautiful brass and using the beauty of the piece to my benefit, even if that did mean leaving it so heavy it takes 6 people to move it.

upcycled piano becomes a stylish drinks cabinet

Our bar has had the frontages removed and shelving added to the lower area to create storage space for a selection of bottles. while the keys have been kept the hammers all had to be removed, purely so that beautiful brass plate could be seen and appreciated (and also to create enough space on the worktop to make those much needed cocktails of 2020). The lid of the piano was cut up to create steps and small shelves on either side, the steps then act as the support for the reinforced glass worktop that has been added. after all of this a simple glass rack was added to the top to allow us to utilize the height space of the piano.

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