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Upcycling furniture at Rediscovered by Danielle in Lichfield started, like most things, as an accident. When renovating our home in Lichfield, I simply couldn’t find the pieces of furniture I wanted. So I began my furniture upcycling journey here, at home in Staffordshire. 

Over the last 5 years Upcycling furniture has become a passion for me. I have learnt the best techniques to use ensuring a modern finish that compliments vintage and antique furniture yet retains they beautiful character.

I believe in saving unloved pieces that are destined for landfill and upcycling them to create new, loved furniture. Upcycling furniture ensures their history is not forgotten and they get to continue their story.  Beauty can be found in even the most worn and run down of pieces and with our knowledge and understanding we can bring this beauty out of hiding once again. 

Vintage and antique furniture is already full of character, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming for the modern home. Our Lichfield based workshop works to utilise the character every piece has while upcycling it to suit a more modern style of living.  We use only the best quality furniture paint in our upcycling this gives an incredible quality finish that will last for many years to come.  

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