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My New Favourite Brush

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

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green Brush Keeper in packaging

As a business owner, I'm constantly seeking opportunities to enhance the eco-friendliness and sustainability of my small enterprise. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to test out Brush Keeper and their Eco Brush, I eagerly embraced it. This was a chance for me to explore a product that has the potential to contribute positively towards improving my business's environmental footprint.


The brushes are conveniently packaged in simple cardboard packaging that provides clear instructions on how to use them effectively and maximize their durability. Additionally, the packaging can be completely recycled, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. Overall, these brushes receive a big tick for their user-friendly packaging.


Eco Brushes are the ideal addition to any workshop. Not only do they have a visually appealing design, but their eco-friendly nature sets them apart. The un lacquered handles not only contribute to their environmental friendliness, but they also provide a comfortable grip for those extensive paint jobs. As an added bonus, each brush is delivered standing in a recyclable PET bottle called "Brush-Keeper." This eliminates the need for laying brushes down or figuring out how to hang them to dry. With Eco Brushes, convenience and sustainability go hand in hand.

Brush Keeper brush dipped in black paint


I was worried that all this eco friendliness and recyclability may compromise on the painting quality. I really shouldn’t have worried. The synthetic bristles hold the paint beautifully and distribute it evenly while giving a no brush stroke, smooth finish. I chose to paint a plant stand with the 14” Eco-Brush with a little help from my daughter. The brush painted beautifully for both of us, it was light weight and comfortable to use and ensured the paint was distributed well.

Brush inside Brush Keeper with black paint dripping from it


So this is the interesting bit, and the bit that blew my mind.

I am notorious for starting a paint job, stepping away having left paint brushes out and then coming back a few days (or weeks) later only to find the brush is rock hard and beyond salvageable.

The idea behind brush keeper is that each brush fits within the airtight pot and, even wet, remains wet for up to 5 days.

So I tested this.

After painting our plant stand, instead of washing the paint away and cleaning the brush at the end of the project, I simply popped it back into its pot. I then tested it each day to ensure that it wasn’t just “wet” still, but the remaining paint was still actually paintable. And each day it amazed me that it still was, it was like I had only put the brush down for moments rather than days. This simple idea means that between coats of paint, I don’t have to wash my brush up, I’m not putting paint down the drain so its saving me paint and saving microplastics from going down the drains too.

After 5 days, we were going away for a week, so I popped some water into the pot up to the liquid line and walked away. After a lovely British seaside holiday we came home to find the brush was nearly entirely clean from being suspended in the brush keeper pot.

The beauty of the pot is that the rubber lid and frame on the brush create this air tight lock but also ensure the brush is suspended so the bristles keep their shape over time to always give the best possible paint finish.

This little pot will save me from throwing away brushes that I forget about, and in theory should keep these brushes in a great condition for years.

Green Brush Keeper being held


While this is an Ad, everything I have written has been my own personal experience and feelings towards the brand and brushes, I would never work with a brand I didn’t truly love, and Brush Keeper I absolutely 100% adore.

I love that they are Eco friendly, not only in packaging, but in materials they’ve used and the paint they’re saving being washed away

I love the brushes, even if they didn’t come with a Brush Keeper pot, I love these brushes, they are light weight and comfortable to use, which may sound silly, but when you’re working on large projects becomes really important.

I love that they look great, they’re fun, the colours work well and stand out, helping me find them in amongst all my work stuff.

And I love the Brush Keeper pot. It feels like such a simple idea but is genius. I have no doubt this little pot will save me from throwing away brushes and therefore saving me money, but also save me from wasting paint.

If you'd like to give these brushes a try you can order them here

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