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Finding the Perfect Piece of Refurbished Furniture

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

This week I’ve been working on Refurbishing a Stag Linen Cabinet for my sons room.

Back in Lockdown 1, a full 12 months ago, we decorated my little boys room, he picked a Stag chest of drawers for us to refurbish and we decided we’d find the linen cabinet to match. 12 months later, and I’ve finally tracked one down.

Stag tallboy

With various lockdowns and people being at home decorating and me homeschooling, furniture, especially Stag, has been selling so quickly, I’ve not been able to get to it fast enough. But luckily for me, the client was very laid back and our patience finally paid off the other week when I managed to track down this Stag tallboy at a price I was comfortable paying and within a drivable distance.

The lady selling it, after having it form new since 1986, was thrilled it was for my sons room and that it’ll be a loved piece of furniture again. It's since been through the workshop and been fully refurbished with Liberty Blue Fusion Mineral Paint from Shabby Nook and a good coat of Polyvine varnish because I know what my sons like. We did make a slight tweak to Stags design by removing the interior shelf and adding a coat rail. This is the beauty of refurbishing furniture, each piece can be changed as much or as little as needed to ensure its the perfect piece for you and your home.

Refurbished stag tallboy in dark blue with Stitch sitting in front of it

Despite having a, sometimes ridiculous, amount of stock, there's always that one piece that eludes us, that has to be tracked, but if you know what you’re after, don’t compromise, you will find your perfect refurbished furniture, it may just take a little time.

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