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How to Upcycle Furniture?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

How to upcycle furniture is a question I get asked all the time. And with a little help is surprisingly easy to get started. The most important thing when you're looking to upcycle furniture is to have the right piece to start with. The right piece can and will look very different for everyone depending on your individual style and tastes and this will be reflected in your upcycled furniture, so make sure the furniture you're planning to upcycle reflects you.

How to upcycle furniture all boils down to the three P's, planning, prep and paint.


Before you start upcycling your piece of furniture, make sure you have a plan of how you want it to look once you've finished. take some time and look at different colours, leaving wood exposed or adding patterns or imagery to your upcycle. Having a plan before you start will help save you a lot of time.


Prep really is your best friend when you're wanting to know how to upcycle furniture. Your furniture needs to be thoroughly cleaned and scuff sanded before you even think about adding any paint to its surface. The better your prep the better your overall finish will be. It is definitely worth taking the time to prepare you furniture upcycle.


I love using either fusion mineral paint and lick for all my upcycles. They're beautiful to paint with an really stand the test of time and use in a busy home. When you start painting your piece build up the colour with several coats, don't try and get you furniture upcycled in one coat, thin coats are your friend. It helps stop drips and lumps and ensures the paint dries evenly. Remember to take your time.

When I get asked how to upcycle furniture, I always advise people to follow the basic three P's. and remember, take your time. You can't upcycle a piece of furniture in 4 hours. Upcycling furniture takes time, be patient and you'll have an amazing piece of upcycled furniture you can treasure for years to come.

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