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Desks or Dressing Tables?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Its funny how things work out, back when I first started on this journey of furniture painting I created a dressing table for my daughter. I knew the type of thing I was after for her room but simply couldn’t find the right thing so I found something on ebay that had the potential to be what we were after and and went about turning it into the piece we wanted.

upcycled white dressing table with pink guitar leaning against it

For some reason, I then convinced myself there wasn’t a huge market for dressing tables, I got sucked into the world of social media and instagram and thought I needed to do bold, decoupaged, transferred or geometric pieces to stand out and be noticed. It was by chance that early in 2020 (or maybe even late in 2021) I picked up a dressing table again and realized why I had loved renovating one for my daughters room. I fell in love with them again. I simply think they’re stunning pieces, they have beautiful, decorative hardware, gorgeous curves and storage!

Then lockdown happened and suddenly everyone was thrust into the world of working from home and needed a desk so that’s what I sold them as, a beautiful, bespoke desk alternative. However it soon became clear that most of these dressing tables were in fact, shockingly, being used as dressing tables.

A cat sat on a grey upcycled dressing table

2020 took me back to what I enjoy doing most, it taught me, with a little help from my good friend Jackie, to do what I love, to stick with what’s me and not try to be anyone else. So that’s what I’m planning for 2021, my first commission for the year was dressing table. I have a few more in the wings but also some cocktail cabinets, Im on the hunt for another Piano to turn into a bar and I have the biggest stash of Stag furniture my husband would allow.

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