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2020 - The Year of the Rainbow

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

There is no denying that 2020 has been the weirdest year ever, its tested us all in so many different ways and bought so many of use together.

In March and April we were all stuck at home so while Sir Tom walked his garden 100 times, we clapped for the NHS every Thursday, I decided to create some whimsical shabby chic bedside tables that incorporated the beautiful rainbow and captured 2020.

The bedside tables I found were only 10 miles away and I was able to collect them from a lovely couple while maintaining social distancing.

Tag being held with a chest of draws with a rainbow on it

Once I got them home I went about prepping them and creating some designs for how I wanted them to look and which colours would work best. Because the world had quite literally stopped, I was a little short on colours as Fusion Mineral Paint wasn't able to get stock to the UK fast enough, so there was a lot of colour mixing that week.

Shabby Chic, isn't normally I style of painting I do, but for these bedside tables it seemed the perfect finish.

Shabby chic is a design that showcases an items age and often incorporates distressing of the piece to mimic age related wear and tear. Here at our workshop in Lichfield, Shabby Chic, isn't something I normally do, I like a sleek finish to pieces that showcases their character and beauty. However these cute little pine bedside tables seemed to be shouting out for a little something extra. So after much debate of to Shabby Chic or not to Shabby Chic, I went for it.

Two refurbished bedside cabinets painted white with rainbows painted on them.

With some light distressing over the high traffic areas I was able to create an aged look. And this cute hand painted, shabby chic pair are still in Lichfield, my daughter fell in love with them and simply couldn't part with them.

They have now taken pride of place in her bedroom here in Lichfield, alongside the piece of furniture that started this whole thing off, a beautiful antique Shabby Chic dressing table.

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