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Taking Unloved Furniture

from Beast to Beauty 


Upcycling Furniture doesn’t have to be hard or take forever
It’s about knowing the process and where to spend your time

Are you.... 

  • Wanting to flip a piece but simply don’t know where to start

  • Thinking of taking on a large product but are worried about the time involved

  • Know you want to upcycle a piece of furniture but not sure what to do with it

  • Have a piece of furniture that does the job but just isn’t your style anymore

  • Prefer vintage furniture but don’t like the dark varnish finish

 If any of these sound familiar, we can help!

Black and Walnut Drawers Closeup.jpg

I’m a Midlands based mum of 2 with 10 years marketing experience, including working as a Marketing Director with international brands. When the company was sold I was made redundant and decided to spend some time with my young family.

When we came to decorate our home I simply couldn’t find any furniture that worked for us, the space we had and that matched our style.


One evening while doom scrolling through Facebook I found a dressing table the perfect size for my daughters room, it was £10 and had truly seen better days, but just needed a little love. My husband was sent to collect it the next morning and with a little trial and error, a lot of time and a few tears we had the perfect piece for our daughters room that’s still used every day.

5 years on and I'm still upcycling furniture, there have been some disasters, some mistakes and a whole lot of learning involved, but over time I’ve perfected the art, found my style and learnt how to create perfect pieces for homes all over the UK.

If I’m not flipping furniture I can generally be found knee deep in baking or crafts with my 2 children.

 I’m Danielle and I’ve been where you are now

Why Perfect Pieces works

Sign me up!

During our 6 Week Course You'll Learn

  • How to find pieces

  • What to look for in furniture and what to avoid

  • Styles of furniture

  • How to Design your perfect piece

  • How to work with colours

  • How to clean your piece

  • How to prep your piece

  • Painting techniques

  • Paints to use

  • The best tools to use

  • The difference between Waxes, varnishes and oils

  • Finishes

The Costs £45 
One Off BETA Test Run Price

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