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How do you commission a dressing table?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

That's a question I've been answering a lot lately. I only take on a limited number of commissions to ensure each customer gets the best experience possible and that we have time to go back over colour choices, designs and specifications.

A bespoke piece of furniture is to go in your home, there's no rushing how you want it to look, it's got to be perfect for you and your home.

It can be a bit daunting purchasing items online and to then get the options on colour and finishes for your pieces can be a little overwhelming, that's why nothing is rushed.

The first step is simply getting in touch to discuss your requirements, after that its choosing the right piece, every item in our stock at rediscovered by Danielle has been hand picked, whether you're after a square dressing table or curved beauty we'll have something to suit and if not we can always track down your perfect piece down. Once we've found your perfect match we can start to discuss colours, knowing where your new dressing table will go and how much light is in the area is a great help, colour samples can be dropped in the post to ensure your bespoke painted dressing table is the perfect shade for your home. Once we've decided on a colour we can discuss finishes and hardware options, most of our pieces come with their original hardware that can be cleaned and glamorized but sometimes these aren't quite what people have in mind, in which case we can source something that fits with both your new painted dressing table and your home.

While all our work on vintage dressing tables is carried out here in Lichfield, we have trusted couriers who can deliver to your front door wherever that may be.

Over the last month I've had the absolute pleasure of working on these two beautiful vintage dressing table commissions for my clients. Each piece was picked from my ever growing stock of vintage dressing tables and brought back to life with a little help from fusion mineral paint.

The first table I worked on was a gorgeous curved dressing table that was then stripped and hand painted in a coal black to contrast the stunning exposed wood top.

A beautiful jet black dressing table in coal black, painted by Commission for a client
Jet Black Commissioned Vintage Dressing Table

The second was prepped and then painted solidly in a deep grey with some gorgeous bee handles from sass and belle and some reclaimed Stag button handles these add so much character to the piece and beautifully contrast the grey.

A stunning vintage dressing table painted to order for client with added sass and belle handles
Vintage Ash Grey Vintage Dressing Table with Sass and Belle Bee Handles

Each dressing table had their old handles removed and replaced with hardware that I sourced and that was more in keeping with their new home.

These beautiful hand painted bespoke dressing tables were both completed in Lichfield, Staffordshire just outside of Birmingham and then delivered to their new homes by our highly trusted courier.

I love working with clients to bring their vision to life and create a truly unique dressing table for their home. If you're thinking of venturing into the world of bespoke dressing tables please get in touch, I'm happy to offer advice and help if I can in your search for the perfect vintage dressing table.

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